Is Alpha Brain and CILTEP Worth It?

Improving your mental state comes down to a multitude of factors. Sometimes you are going to find that the factors are easily manipulated and sometimes not. For the most part, you are going to realize that there are plenty of ways for you to overcome your mental challenges, but which way is the best? A couple of the most popular ways to improve brain health in an easy and simple solution are called unique blends of nootropics. One of the most popular is a blend from Onnit called Alpha Brain.

For the most part, something like Alpha Brain is useful for people who are trying to improve their brain health in a way that is all in one pill and has some statistical data. The scientists who did a study on Alpha Brain at Boston medical center have showed that the results were as good as Onnit hoped they would be. The brain benefits of Alpha Brain are quire profound.

However, when compared to the anecdotal benefits of CILTEP, it is hard to tell which one is actually better. A lot of people have raved about CILTEP including people like Tim Ferriss and Dave Asprey. In both of these situations, you will see that there are many millions of people lining up to buy CILTEP as a result.

Which One is Better?

When you are trying to figure out which of these two options is going to be better for your health, it makes sense that there would be a lot of difficulty. The mental challenge of comparing the two is hard. On the one hand, Alpha Brain has real tangible evidence that suggests it is useful for improving memory formation. While this is true, it is not really considered to be that much more powerful than simply taking bacopa monnieri for example.

On the other hand, CILTEP has no studies but it does have many big names and an entire community of users (on Longecity) who are willing to make the reputation of the combination for the Natural Stacks company. In either case, it is obvious that people who are trying to improve their life have a lot to think about.

Which one are you going to choose? If we had to make a recommendation at Racette Bretonne, it would be that you consider CILTEP as your best option and Alpha Brain if that does not work. This will just make the best use of your money and that makes a big difference.