3 Unconventional Ways to Get Protein

Protein is a hot topic among any people who want to lose fat and look good. Most people who are trying to burn fat don’t even realize that protein is the most important macronutrient and it can be easy to get enough. However, there are some unconventional methods that might help you to get more protein in your diet without causing you to spend a lot of money or stuff yourself with food. These 3 unconventional methods might help not only a normal person who is dieting, but also specialty diets like vegan and vegetarian.

Different Methods to Get Protein

  • Rice and beans – this sounds like poor mans food, but if you do it right, rice and beans can be a powerhouse protein combination. The important thing to remember is to use brown rice in this mixture because it is filled with many grams of protein. In fact, it is such a popular form of protein, many companies sell brown rice protein. The beans are also filled with plenty of calories, but protein that combines well with the rice.
  • Protein smoothies – if you don’t like the taste of protein powder, you are not alone. There are plenty of people who hate the taste of protein and you can easily get over this problem with a delicious protein smoothie. You can add all the fruits and vegetables that make it taste good and then your protein powder is completely masked under the rest.
  • Canned fish – it may sound gross, but if you think about canned fish, it can really solve many birds with one stone. Eating canned sardines, for example, will give you a lot of protein, adds a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, and is filled with healthy nutrients from the entire fish. The canned fish is also incredibly affordable!

3 Reasons to Not Drink Butter Coffee

Butter coffee, often referred to as Bulletproof, as Dave Asprey has been widely credited with popularizing butter coffee, is a type of coffee that includes fats like butter, coconut oil, or MCT oil. It often also has other elements that make it more stimulating or helps with the taste, but it never has any sugar or protein for a few different reasons. While the coffee has its benefits, it is primarily from the Himalayan region of the world where people are living in the bitter cold. If you are not in this environment, there could be issues. Here are 3 reasons to not drink butter coffee.

  • It is high in calories – as a society that gains fat quickly, it makes little sense for some people to get most of their calories in the form of a fatty drink. With coconut oil, butter, and other elements, you risk getting half your daily calories and it is not at all filling. If you are trying to burn fat it is hard to make your macronutrient profile fit with the right amount of meat and carbohydrates as well.
  • It breaks a fast – a lot of people say that butter coffee is part of their fast, but in reality anything over 10 calories is going to break your body’s fast. While some systems and processes are still in place because fat does not disrupt them, the general fast your body is engaged with is over the second you drink that butter coffee.
  • Can lead to adrenal fatigue – one of the things that most butter coffee drinkers believe is pushing their limits further and further. When doing so, it is impossible to know where the breaking point is which is where many people get into trouble. Adrenal fatigue from the coffee is a real thing that several people struggle with on a routine basis.