Are Synthetic Nootropics Bad?

There are many schools of thought on these new supplements called “nootropics”. Some people think that they are the be all end all of advanced motivation, concentration and mental capabilities. While this is a great idea, it is somewhat romantic. Some nootropics and smart drugs can definitely be powerful for improving your level of mental focus, but are synthetic drugs worth taking?

There is a lot of fear about synthetic drugs and it is mostly because of the marketing and branding behind “natural” products. In general, the products that are natural are not going to be the best for you in the long run simply because they are natural. There are plenty of natural poisons that can kill you! Therefore, it is important to look at the actual science as opposed to the buzzwords like natural or synthetic.

For example, piracetam and the entire line of racetams are nootropics that are synthetically derived. They have been tested since the 1960s and many of the studies show incredible promise. For most of the people who are taking these drugs, it is a godsend that can not only improve their daily life, but also makes their chances of Alzheimer’s go way down. Family members report incredible changes in memory due to the use of racetams and it is considered one of the safest of the popular nootropics.

So what do we really have to fear about synthetic nootropics? In reality, we don’t have much to fear, which is why you should take everything you read with a grain of salt (even this). Do the research for yourself in the NCBI database and you will see that there are many synthetically created compounds that can not only be incredibly helpful for you, but are better than the natural counterparts and alternatives.

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