3 Reasons Your Nootropic Journey Has Stalled

Everyone who is using some type of cognitive enhancement realizes that their journey is a function of a few different things. Namely, they have to have some type of measurable results in order to make the biggest difference and continue to use the drug. If there is nothing measurable, it is hardly worth doing anything at all. The vast majority of people who are using nootropics find that they are only capable of improving cognitive function for so long before things start to stall.

Here is the ultimate guide to help you unstuck yourself from those moments when it feels like everything is stuck and stalled.

  1. You are not tracking – a lot of people need to improve their tracking habits if they want any kind of feedback about the drugs that they are taking. Imagine that you are taking a smart drug and have no way to know whether it helps. Besides “feelings” that is what most people are doing! Stop just guessing and put something together that you can actually be proud of.
  2. Using the wrong nootropics – some people have made the mistake of using the wrong nootropics as well. Consider someone who is struggling to focus and stay alert during their class so they choose to buy L-Theanine capsules to treat ADD. That isn’t going to be a great solution for most people and thus should be avoided at all costs. It’s a waste of money, time, and energy!
  3. Feeling superior – Of course, the final problem people face is that they often get to a point where they have had a bit of success and so they feel superior. They stop focusing on the important parts and continuing to make efforts to get better, but instead they stop using all the drugs altogether. This creates all kinds of issues and can be a major concern. One of the great things to do is head over to this nootropics vendor for a few suggestions on products.

If you overcome these 3 hurdles there is a good chance you’ll be unstuck.

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